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Ugandan Christians Gather to Worship

Ugandan Christians Gather to Worship

Kony 2012 is an Internet phenomenon! A 30-minute video about northern Uganda entitled Kony 2012 has been viewed almost 90 million times on YouTube! The documentary produced by Invisible Children shines a spotlight on Joseph Kony, the evil warlord who leads the Lord’s Resistance Army in Central Africa. The LRA terrorized their own Acholi people in northern Uganda for 20 years, until they were driven out of the country in 2006.

During the war, most of the Acholi population had to seek protection inside scores of IDP (Internally Displaced Person) camps scattered throughout northern Uganda. Since peace came 6 years ago, the people have been returning to their villages, seeking to re-establish normal life and put behind them the unspeakable trauma they had endured.

The Kony 2012 video, despite generating controversy, has drawn attention to Joseph Kony’s continuing barbarity in neighboring countries. We all hope this monster’s atrocities will soon end.

Meanwhile, we want to draw attention to the fantastic work being done right now by Emmanuel International among the people who suffered through those terrible years. In partnership with the Church of Uganda, EI has been serving the people of northern Uganda through thick and thin since the mid-80’s. Right now, EI has a team of Canadians, British and Ugandans, selflessly ministering side-by-side in the community of Pader. They are bringing hope and healing to orphans, widows, returned abductees, and extremely needy families. Their program includes agricultural assistance, peacebuilding, counselling, and other forms of practical assistance – all bathed in the greatest power of all: Christian love. And they have just launched Community Health Empowerment (CHE), training a network of village health committees and volunteers. CHE has the potential of permanently improving the lives of multitudes, using local resources to address community health needs.

The good people of northern Uganda need our help. And I can think of no better way than by supporting EI’s Pader Team! They need your prayers and your financial support. (We believe this is a better investment than the $30 Kony 2012 wristband kits!) And more volunteers are needed to go and join them.

Last July, EI produced a riveting, high-quality 7-minute mini-documentary about northern Uganda called Hope & Healing. (WE HAVE JUST RELEASED A SHORTER VERSION. You can watch it below.) We believe everyone who viewed Kony 2012 should also watch this video! We may not reach 70 million YouTube views… but you can bless the people of northern Uganda by spreading the good news about the EI Pader Team. Please pass on the link to your friends through email and Facebook. (And if you need the video file to show to your church or group, just send a note requesting it, using the form down below. We’ll send you a convenient DropBox download link.)

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THANK YOU, in Jesus’ name, for your interest and support.

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